Test Description:

One definition of aggression is behaviour that is intended to cause harm. It can be physical, mental or verbal and in human beings is an unattractive and undesirable trait.
Occasionally it is necessary to seek treatment or undergo therapy in order to moderate over-aggressive behaviour and we have learnt much in recent decades about how various parts of the brain and different hormones can be connected to aggressive behaviour.
Aggression should not be confused with assertiveness. Although assertiveness can occasionally turn into aggression if, for example, someone is trying to impose their ideas, opinions or interest on others too strongly; they are two quite separate things.

To learn about your aggressiveness status, please attend the test
Please be aware that personality assessment is a self-assessment method so the accuracy depends on the honesty/sincerity of choosing statement/option/answer. Moreover all personality assessment result have been determined through research/sampling basis. Sometimes assessment result may be varied with your actual style.


Test Instruction:
Answer each question or statement by choosing which one of the three alternative responses given is most applicable to you.



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