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Psychometric Centre is one of the important unit of Cambridge Academy of Professionals – UK. Diagnosis of professional through comprehensive Assessment is very vital for development and management. That’s why Cambridge Academy of Professionals launches Psychometric Centre  


Psychometric Centre: A COMPLETE SOLUTION

Diagnosis is very important for any kind of development or assessment. Assessment of Professionals in the area of personality, attitude, competencies are widely used for differet purposes in the organization. Any individual can also assess for self development


Solution for Individual & Corporate

Psychometric Centre offers complete solution for an Individual or for a corporate. Individual Professional can use Psychometric Centre test to assess himself/herself and can make plan for development. Corporate can also use Psychometric Centre assessment service for diagnosing employees for various purposes. 


  Succession Management

Psychometric Centre assessment Centre can also assist organization to identify, to develop and to plan for Succession management for any organization. Psychometric Centre can guide any organization for developing RIGHT Succession Plan for positions of any organization Key

Psychometric Centre for Talent Development

Psychometric Centre assessment can also be used for diagnosing the level of competencies for any professional to develop the talent in each employee. Proper diagnosis can assist to develop Talent Pool in the organization. Any individual can also use Psychometric Centre for self development purposes.

Psychometric Centre test for Recruitment & Selection

Psychometric Centre assessment is highly compatible for Right Person Selection. Psychometric Centre assures the assessment of Competencies, Psychometric, Personality Test etc. Any corporate can use these tests to select the RIGHT person to ensure highest level of productivity and retention for potential employees.

Awarding Certification

Psychometric Centre assessment centre can also assist statute, certification body to assess the competency level for awarding professional credentials/ certification.

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