Psychometric Centre assessment service is very reasonable and affordable for any individual or corporate. Psychometric Centre is committed for perfect diagnosis, and proper tool design for development of professionals. Psychometric Centre has three type of pricing strategy:

1. Individual Test Price

2. Corporate Price

3. Subscription based 

Individual Test Price

Price for test is not equal. The price depends on length of the test and importance level of the area. Based on that please find the below price for different test for individual to attend.

Corporate Price

Psychometric Centre is committeed for Talent Assessment, talent Development, talent Retention and succession management for any corporate. So, ProfTAC offers reasonable price for Cororate organization. Please fill up the below form to get a quote for your organization or contact ProfTAC through for a special quote

Subscription base

Psychometric Centre also offers services for Consultants, Trainers or individual for diagnosis and development of professionals. Considering the requirement Psychometric Centre has subscription based offer. Please find below for details: