Assess the Level of your Social Intelligence?

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Test Title: Assess the Level of your Social Intelligence?

Test Description:
It is becoming increasingly accepted that social intelligence is equally, or even more, important than a high measured IQ.

Do you want to know the score of your Social Intelligence? Join the test.

Many people are not afraid to describe themselves as anti- social. Such people generally like to keep themselves to them- selves, hate social gatherings and family events such as weddings and would never stand up to make a point at a public meeting, indeed would probably have to be dragged kicking and screaming to a public meeting in the first place. They are only comfortable when secure in their own tight family environment and at their place of work they like to have their own carefully defined areas of responsibility, preferably one that does not bring them into contact with many other people.

Certain aspects of social intelligence can be summarized as follows:
■ the ability to accept others for what they are;
■ to display an interest and curiosity about the world in general and what goes on within it;
■ to take an interest in other people;
■ to always try to understand people’s thoughts, feelings and intentions;
■ to have a social conscience;
■ to think before speaking and doing;
■ not making snap judgements;
■ to make fair and considered judgements;
■ never being afraid to admit your mistakes;
■ to assess thoroughly and discuss with others when necessary the relevance of information to a problem at hand;
■ at all times to be sensitive to other people’s needs and desires;
■ to be frank and honest with yourself and others;
■ to take an interest in the immediate environment;
■ to be good at taking the perspective of other people;
■ to adapt well and quickly to different social situations;
■ to be open to new experiences, ideas and values.

Please be aware that personality assessment is a self-assessment method so the accuracy depends on the honesty/sincerity of choosing statement/option/answer. Moreover all personality assessment result have been determined through research/sampling basis. Sometimes assessment result may be varied with your actual style.