Are you Extrovert or Introvert?


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Are you Extrovert or Introvert?

Test Description:

The literal meaning of extroversion is turning outwards. It is used in psychology to refer to a personality characteristic in which one’s energy is directed outwards and therefore is concerned with, and derives gratification from, the physical and social environment.

As opposed to this the literal meaning of introversion is a turning inwards. This term is applied to a tendency whereby people shrink away from social contacts and become preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Do you want to know about your personality style? Weather you are extrovert or Introvert? Join the test and know about your inner side.


Please be aware that personality assessment is a self-assessment method so the accuracy depends on the honesty/sincerity of choosing statement/option/answer. Moreover all personality assessment result have been determined through research/sampling basis. Sometimes assessment result may be varied with your actual style.