Test Description:
This test is designed to assess whether you prefer to organize your life in a planned or structured way by making decisions or in a spontaneous or flexible way by discovering life as you go along.

The organizing of your life in a structured way, in which you prefer to know exactly where you stand is referred to as judgement. People who prefer this approach to life are happier when they are making decisions about the direction their life is taking both in the immediate and long-term future. Because of this their lifestyle is neatly organized and also appears controlled to others.

Please be aware that personality assessment is a self-assessment method so the accuracy depends on the honesty/sincerity of choosing statement/option/answer. Moreover all personality assessment result have been determined through research/sampling basis. Sometimes assessment result may be varied with your actual style.


Test Instruction:
Answer each question or statement by choosing which one of the two alternative responses given is most applicable to you.


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